Dining at The Cromwell Arms

One of the best pubs in Romsey for a memorable meal, The Cromwell Arms serves breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus a great range of bar snacks) every day.

Hampshire is home to some of the UK’s finest food producers, and our chefs make the very most of those fabulous fresh local ingredients, using quality cuts from local farms in an inspired collection of starters, mains, steaks and sharing plates.

Whatever you opt for, just be sure to leave room for one of our classic British puddings…

We take taste personally

"Every dish is a signature dish"

In our Fuller’s Kitchen, we take taste personally. That means our talented chef team have seasonal, local produce delivered every day. It also means they have the freedom to put their stamp on every dish, and it is why you will see Head Chef, Faye Gillings's signature on every menu.

Learn more about the passion behind Fuller’s Kitchen.

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